How To Maximize Football Betting Winnings

December 13, 2016

Football betting is undertaken by two different groups of punters: those who place bets for fun and individuals keen on winning the proceeds. They both strive to out-predict the bookies in all bets. However, the game of soccer can be highly unpredictable since underdogs often cause spectacular upsets. To increase chances of winning, punters need to follow some basic guidelines.

There is need to be confident and adopt a clear strategy about how to place bets for different games. A wide variety of factors should influence the choices, including team form, team news, head-to-head history, motivation, schedule and more. Checking the team’s recent performances allows punters to determine chances of success in a particular fixture. For this reason, it is vital to read recent match reports.

Analyzing home and away records provides much-needed insights about whether a team performs better on the road or at home. Another crucial consideration is teams’ head-to-head record. It has the potential to shed light on which side enjoys the upper hand, particularly in the most recent results.

Injuries and suspensions can affect the outcome of a fixture, especially when key players are not available. The complexion of the game can be determined by the quality of players replacing the suspended or injured teammates. On the other hand, team motivation can make or break form. Hence, the need to pay attention on how much a given team is driven to secure maximum points.

In some cases, outfits may feel comfortable sitting back and defending because they already have points needed to qualify. Meanwhile, the opposing squad may really need full three points because it is on the back foot. A tight schedule can also have an impact on the team’s form. Fatigue can easily set in when players have little time to rest, thus compromising their ability to perform on the day.

Additional football betting guidelines

– It is vital to establish a staking system and adhere to it
– Only place bets on leagues and teams that you are familiar with
– Only place bets when the odds are in your favor
– Avoid third party influences, trust your own analysis and predictions
– Also avoid placing bets at the start of the season
– Sticking to league matches allows you to bet based on recent team form, which should be relatively consistent
– Make an effort to bet only on the smallest result combinations; 4+ accumulators are the hardest to win
– Keep a record of all bets, returns and losses

Find a value football bet

When predicting the match outcomes using a coupon, decide on the percentage probability. This allows you to become your own odds compiler. A team with 60 percent chance of coming out tops in a fixture has 4/6 odds of winning. Doing so ensures that you identify your football betting value. You should only make a move when you are convinced that the bookies have got the odds for a particular match wrong.

Identify the best price for your selections

A number of online platforms allow punters to enter selections to discover where the ideal betting odds are found.

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